Grooming your Puppy Grooming a Yorkie can be time consuming and frustrating if you do not know some simple tips and techniques to use. Remember a Yorkie does not have an undercoat and their hair is similar to a human’s hair which has advantages and disadvantages! When left without regular grooming, their coat can tangle and mat easily and requires frequent upkeep. However, once this is done, your puppy can have an amazing coat you are very proud of!!


Bathing is a must and should be done on a regular basis. There are many different products you can use. I prefer Pet Silk products which can be purchased at some veterinarians or online. I also love Cowboy Magic for the stubborn tangles and for shine. This can also be purchased online. I bathe my dogs weekly and brush throughout the week. Regardless of the products you use, be careful to use products that do not contain chemicals as they will remove the natural oils from the skin and hair of your puppy. I always use a conditioner or crème rinse each time I bathe my dogs. For Yorkies with a more cottony or a modified (part silk, part cotton) coat, more frequent conditioning may be required.


Regular brushing is an important part of Yorkie grooming. Never brush a Yorkie if his coat is dry. This can cause the hair to break. When you brush your Yorkie’s coat, use a spray conditioner to soften the hair. When brushing the hair, start at the end of the strands of hair and work your way up to the body. If you encounter a tangle or mat, do not pull on it with the brush. Use your fingers to pull apart the tangled hair, again, working from the bottom upward, then gently brush through the tangle. If you have a good detangler such as Cowboy Magic, you can spray this on the tangled area first. Be sure to check the underside of your Yorkie where the legs connect to the body – this is where most mats occur and they are easily overlooked. There are many good brushes or combs that can be used. Try searching online or going to Petsmart or Petco to see what they recommend as well.


Yorkies need special attention paid to their teeth. Yorkies, like other toy breeds, are prone to tooth decay. Regular brushing of your Yorkie’s teeth is a good idea. There are many tooth cleaning products made for dogs, and you can find a tooth brush and paste at any pet supply store. I also use a spray to help prevent tarter build up and freshen their breath. Each year, your Yorkie will need a teeth cleaning from the vet.


A Yorkie’s nails need to be kept trimmed. You can have your vet or groomer do it for you, or, you can trim the nails yourself. Part of the difficulty in trimming a Yorkie’s nails lies in the fact that the nails are black, and it is hard to tell where the underlying skin begins in the nail bed. If you are going to trim your Yorkie’s nails yourself, it is good to have something on hand to stop the bleeding such as Kwik Stop in case you cut the nail too close and cause the nail to bleed.


A dog’s ears are dark, moist places that can be prone to bacterial and yeast infections. Keeping the inside of the ears clean can prevent a lot of headaches. To clean the ears, you can use any store brand ear cleaning solution. Put a few drops of solution into your Yorkie’s ears and clean around the inside of the ears to remove the debris. Be careful to clean only the part of the ear and ear canal that you can see. If your Yorkie has a lot of debris in the ear or if you suspect an infection, take him to your vet. Ear infections can be very painful and difficult to get rid of.


Daily: Brush Hair , Brush Teeth

Weekly: Bath

Bi-Monthly: Trim nails

Monthly: Clean Ears Trim Ear Hair and Trouble Areas

Every 2 Months, or as needed: Haircut / Visit the Groomer

Yearly: Veterinarian Teeth Cleaning